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SMS PASSCODE® 5 deliver the world’s first real-time mobile centric modern two-factor authentication platform designed for global use

Today we released a new version 5 that is quite ground breaking as it defines the global standard for modern mobile centric two-factor authentication leveraging the 5 billion mobile phones in the world.  The new platform extend our award winning carrier independent local, regional and global SMS text messaging infrastructure with a new voice dial-out service powered by TeleSign for landlines and non-text enabled phones as well as a secure e-mail for secure mobile networks like Blackberry or certain Asian infrastructures.  To deliver this efficiently, the platform introduces a leading edge group policy engine, which based on administrator settings, allows end-users to flexibly select the preferred One-time-password code delivery option.

In this diagram, our combined platform is outlined:

As a user access one of the many remote access systems we support, the user ID and password is first validated before a unique real-time session specific code is generated and send either via SMS, voice-dial out or secure e-mail to the user second factor device. Once validated the user is granted access. The advanced policy engine and the self-service portal enable significant user flexibility while administrators are kept in control.

To fully leverage this leading edge technology, at the same time, we released a new innovative user self service web portal that enable the administrator to delegate login preferences (e.g. US users can use SMS or voice dial out and Japanse or Blackberry users can use e-mail or SMS with voice dial out as fall back).  This is an innovative way to allow users more freedom yet keeping administrators in control in an easy to administer fashion.

We also released support for more clients including a clever integration into Microsoft Direct Access allowing a user to be two-factor SMS PASSCODE authenticated when a user have left the company network and try to access it remotely to protect if a user PC is compromised or as a means of a consistent authentication process across both corporate and private PCs. And at the same time support for the latest Citrix Web Interface and OpenVPN clients.

Finally, as you know we have a co-existence program for legacy tokens during migration. For the rare event that you have users without a mobile phone, we have leveraged this technology to extend our co-existence to also encompass new modern SaaS based usb tokens that require no local software to be installed.

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